Scantron Helps Baldwin County Schools Improve Its School Report Card

Baldwin County Schools, Alabama, saw overall academic gains in nearly every school in the county. This innovative district raised its average scores on their state report card, supported by a four-part plan, curriculum leaders, and Scantron Analytics. This combination of efforts raised their average score from 82 to 85—with no schools in the D or F range. Watch highlights from their press conference and see what Dr. Joyce Woodburn, Academic Dean, has to say about how Scantron solutions helped.

Watch the full press conference here.

Approved Solutions

New! Alabama State Report Card Dashboard Available

Got data? The Alabama State Report Card dashboard is now available in Scantron Analytics. Contact your Scantron representative for details.

Alabama state DOE supports state educators with a comprehensive Scantron solution

The Alabama State Department of Education (ALSDE) provides a comprehensive assessment solution to their districts and schools using Scantron’s Performance Series® computer-adaptive assessment and Achievement Series® fixed-form assessment systems:

  • Computer-adaptive diagnostics that offer more breadth than just math and reading
  • Formative and interim testing that supports a wide variety of subject matter
  • Assessment system so educators can incorporate custom content
  • Coverage for all grade levels, from Pre-K to 12th grade
  • Flexible alignment to multiple educational standards documents
  • High-quality reliable support for districts as they voluntarily adopt the provided solution
The Alabama State DOE has purchased Achievement Series and Performance Series as a voluntary assessment adoption program. The solution is free to its schools.

  • Performance Series Usage Statistics (2016–2017 school year YTD)
    • 99% of 137 districts have implemented
    • Total Tests Administered: 1,495,578
    • Unique Students Tested: 257,309
  • Achievement Series Usage Statistics (2016–2017 school year YTD)
    • More than 86% of 137 districts have implemented
    • Total Tests Administered: 710,858
    • Unique Students Tested: 96,719

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Districts have a wide variety of Scantron-provided content options:

  • Scantron’s CC Checks for short-form progress monitoring in the four core subjects (Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science).
  • Scantron’s College & Career Readiness item banks and test banks for interim district assessments.
  • Scantron’s Core Four and National item banks for classroom formative assessments.
  • Custom-developed item banks directly support the Alabama Course of Study (their state standards)

In addition Scantron’s Assessment Development group is working with ALSDE to develop formative and pre-certification career and technical education (CTE) exams.

Learn more about what Achievement Series and Performance Series can do for you as an Alabama educator.


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Additional Approved Solutions

Scantron Analytics

Deeper Insight Into Multiple Measures

Because today’s educational environment heavily relies on metrics to drive curricular and instructional decisions, it’s vital to have access to data.  Scantron Analytics unifies your data into a single place, so you can explore results dynamically and uncover new correlations.

Scantron Analytics delivers up-to-date information through highly visual, easy-to-understand dashboards.  Scantron Analytics simply stores data you’re already collecting, sourced from a variety of educational systems, in memory—no need for an expensive data warehouse.  Important trends and previously hidden connections jump out, so you can spend your time developing creative solutions instead of trying to make sense of rows and columns of numbers.