Training Details

This course is designed to provide the knowledge, procedures, and hands‑on experience required for the successful implementation and support of FlexiCapture Standalone projects.


3 Days


Intermediate–Advanced experience with personal computers and Microsoft® Windows® is required. Knowledge of database or spreadsheet concepts recommended.


This course is recommended for personnel responsible for FlexiCapture system administration, as well as form template definition, rule planning and development, and export definition. The course is not intended for system operators.

System Requirements

Customer must provide a classroom‑type environment including:

  • one LCD projector
  • one white board
  • one PC per student

The production version of FlexiCapture 10 Standalone is not used during training.

  • Introduction to FlexiCapture Standalone
  • FlexiCapture installation and licensing
  • Machine-readable forms
  • Administrator and Operator Stations
  • Processing with FlexiCapture Standalone
  • Projects and Document Definitions
  • Static Elements and Field Regions
  • Fields and Tables
  • Improving recognition quality
  • FlexiCapture validation rule creation
  • Document exports
  • Multi-page document structure and definition
Class Format

Instructor-led lecture, class and group discussions, and hands‑on lab exercises.


$5,795 (Instructor expenses included)
Maximum six students. Payment is required at confirmation and prior to attendance.

Contact Info

Call: 1-800-336-3426 ext. 6123