Are you losing access to your assessment solution? Scantron can help!

Don’t miss a beat in your interim assessment plans. Ascensus, Scantron’s balanced assessment solution, provides comprehensive measures so you can measure on-grade proficiency and growth:

  • Ascensus Growth delivers computer-adaptive tests so you can measure growth in core subjects independent of grade level.
  • Ascensus Target expands your options with a robust, collaborative item editor and online or paper, proctored or unproctored test delivery.
  • Available item banks include extensive item coverage in core subjects, including long passages with multiple items.
  • Items and results map to your state’s educational standards at a deep, skill-based level.
  • The complete solution provides support for traditional and technology-enhanced items in both available item banks and the item editor.
  • Easy-to-locate, detailed reports provide insight into student proficiency as soon as tests are complete.

Ascensus enables your district to create common benchmark assessments across the district that you can lock down and administer district-wide. The same system support teachers in developing classroom-based assessments quickly and easily using our item banks, item banks based on your textbooks, and custom items.

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