Class Climate®


Class Climate® provides fast and accurate processing for paper and online questionnaires in a single system. Functions include reports on study courses, departments, training seminars and programs to fit your organization. Raw data is just a few clicks away for a more detailed analysis.

  • Get valuable insight into course or seminar effectiveness with one solution that conducts surveys on paper or online, including support for mobile browsers.
  • Reduce data collection costs and minimize errors by scanning evaluations, rather than typing them.
  • Improve your data collection across multiple sites: Scanning can be distributed as necessary—the data is automatically sorted to the correct course and ready for review.
  • Send instant feedback to individual instructors or trainers (allowing them to make changes while still involved in an ongoing course) or send end-of-course feedback to all instructors after grades are turned in.
  • Export data in SPSS or Excel formats for further data analysis.
  • Identify potential areas for improvement and help shape future curriculum, courses and seminars, using our automated, threshold-based course quality management features.
  • Increase response rates with automatic in-progress reminders.
  • Provide improved accessibility—Class Climate is rated WCAG 2.0 Level AA, the highest level of certification.

Religious Education


Class Climate is an evaluation and survey solution your entire institution can use:

  • Develop a single survey for mobile, online, and paper delivery. Class Climate automatically displays the right format for the device.
  • All results are stored in a single database so you see unified results at a glance.
  • Scheduled reports provide instructor feedback rapidly and automatically.
  • Quality Measurement Dashboard displays results as soon as students respond.
  • Simplified tracking matches your organization’s training program structure.
  • Ensure privacy and anonymity with secure logins and role-based system access.
  • Increase candid and constructive feedback with anonymous questionnaire responses, while retaining connections to student records so you know who has responded.
  • Support different programs with different needs, including measuring learning outcomes, supporting team-taught courses, and much more