Introducing Ascensus - Online Assessment System 

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Come explore Ascensus, Scantron's next-generation assessment solution with something for everyone.

Administrators get:

  • Enhanced secure, collaborative development tools for interim, fixed-form tests.
  • Improved site readiness tools, such as network diagnostics and test simulations.
  • Continued access to historical results, existing assessments, data integration, and item content.

Teachers get:

  • An ongoing commitment to item reliability and validity with deep connections to educational standards at the skill level.
  • Expanded options for exam content, including traditional and technology-enabled item types
  • Dynamic reporting, including powerful, flexible filtering for attained and next-level learning objectives.

Students get:

  • Improved in-test tools, such as calculators, protractors, and rulers.
  • Continued and expanded accessibility support for students with disabilities, such as test stop/start, assistive devices, and screen reading/audio options.
  • More interactive item types, such as drag-and-drop, videos/animations, and hot spots.

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