Education Survey

With the increased attention on accountability and school improvement, educational administrators are administering more and more education surveys to determine the needs and satisfaction of their constituents. Colleges, universities, schools, and districts alike rely on the information they gain in education survey instruments to determine the course of change for their institutions.
Education Survey
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We can help you with education surveys that address accreditation of colleges and universities, faculty and course evaluations to improve and evaluate student satisfaction, staff professional development needs, school climate surveys, or community surveys in preparation for a bond or referendum.

We know that the collection, analysis, and reporting of survey information is critical to the success of the institution. Key types of surveys in the educational environment include:

  • Faculty and course evaluations
  • Institutional research department surveys
  • Student affairs surveys
  • Alumni surveys
  • School climate surveys
  • School safety surveys
  • Community surveys
  • Employee surveys
  • Professional development needs assessment
  • Community and adult education surveys

Scantron Survey Services

Strengthen the quality of your program.

Developing data analysis strategies is essential in providing educational leaders with valuable and meaningful information whether it’s for internal personnel or course progress reports.

Effectively monitor the success of workshops, lectures and courses

Evaluation is an opportunity to gather valuable data to prove whether the resources allocated to a certain topic are meeting the curriculum standards set forth by the educational institution.

Scantron Survey Services uses evaluation strategies that help maintain a certain standard of management and learning. Your organization can truly see any level of success or failure through a well-planned process. This analysis offers the data to back up the decision to implement revise or remove a program.

Effectively conduct and analyze research projects

Whether you are collecting demographics, psychographics or ethnographics, Scantron Survey Services can help you gather thorough scientific data to address hypotheses, draw conclusions and communicate results.  

Scantron® Software Solutions

You are no longer limited to simple 5 response position grids, scales, and #2 pencils for survey administration and data collection. The survey solutions provided by Scantron permit data collection via pen or pencil, check box, hand-print, plain paper scanning, scannable forms and image clips of comments.

Survey solutions for education are based solely on the requirements and resources each project requires. We offer the hardware, software, and services that enable each department, school or district to manage their own data collection using our desktop optical mark read (OMR) and image scanners and software.

Whether the survey project requires administration on the internet, kiosk, email, or via paper and pencil; the survey solutions offered by Scantron will meet your needs. Our solutions are scalable depending on the volume of information, deployment options, analysis and reporting, as well as, response time requirements of your projects. A single survey instrument can be administered in multiple methods and data can be collected by each method with reports analyzing the entire project.

Transform Your Survey Process

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