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Scantron’s comprehensive suite of assessment services helps you get the most out of your assessment-development process from assessment design, through delivery, analysis, and reporting.

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Assessment Development Lifecycle

The Assessment Development Lifecycle

Scantron has a team of experts experienced in developing assessments for the education, workforce/vocational, and certification/licensure testing markets. Typical assessment development activities follow a cyclical process.Assessment Development Cycle

  • Design and Blueprint
    The blueprint provides a framework for exam development. It outlines the total number of sections that will be included on each exam and how many items to allocate to each section. The blueprint serves a vital role in the development process as the foundation for item writing and exam creation. Using the resource materials provided by the test owner/sponsor and available job analysis data, Scantron can develop a draft exam blueprint or facilitate blueprint development with the sponsor’s content experts.
  • Item Development and Review
    • Item Bank Editing and Review
      If you have existing item banks, Scantron can assist with an independent review for:
      • Consistent Style
      • Grammar
      • Sensitivity/Bias
      • Standard assessment protocols
      • Statistical viability (when item-level statistics are available)
    • New Item Development
      Our teams have extensive experience in writing, reviewing, and editing items as well as conducting item development workshops. Our team has intimate knowledge of the requirements for developing various item types for a variety of industries both domestically and internationally.
  • Exam Form and Bank Creation
    Whether the item banks are developed by the test sponsor or Scantron, we can assist in the creation of exam forms. Draft forms are developed and provided to the test sponsor for review and final approval. If you are using a Scantron solution to deliver exams, our product experts can help incorporate item banks and exam forms into your solution.
  • Analysis, Scoring, and Reporting
    • Psychometric Analysis
      Psychometric analysis of exam results occurs after you administer the exam (once sample sizes are large enough to provide stable information). Psychometricians analyze the results data and evaluate the performance of individual items, the exam as a whole, and test-taker performance. We provide a Technical Report, which includes a summary of the analysis results along with recommendations for future development.
    • Standard Setting
      Standard setting is a process used to determine levels of proficiency on an exam. The outcome of the standard-setting activities is the identification of one or more scores (cut scores) that correspond to varying levels of proficiency. Proficiency levels can be used to support accreditation reporting. Scantron can facilitate a standard setting workshop to suit the purpose and goals of the testing program.
  • Maintenance
    Scantron can conduct a needs analysis to align your item banks with your blueprints. The report includes an inventory of items by content category and other relevant item characteristics (if available). It identifies any gaps in content coverage as well as any item content not tied directly to the blueprint. We provide recommendations and item development forecasting based our analysis.
Scantron is ready to assist with assessment development activities based on your needs and the availability of your resources. This flexible approach allows you to take advantage of our resources and expertise without extending beyond your budget or encroaching upon the great work done by your internal development teams.