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Ministries of Education across the globe use Scantron® solutions to scan and score high-stakes national tests.
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New Scanner: iNSIGHT 700c

New! iNSIGHT 700c OMR and color imaging scanner

OMR + Color Imaging is Faster than Ever!

Scan OMR marks and color images at the same time,
from the same angle, as fast as 6,600 pages per
hour. Archive critical form data such as
handwritten comments and student identifiers
such as thumbprints or photos.
Read multiple types of data in a single pass:
pencil and ink OMR marks, images, bar codes,
and much more.

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For more than three decades, Scantron International has a proven track record of success with assessment services and scanning solutions at school districts, higher education institutions, governments, international testing bodies, and corporations around the world. Scantron has a presence in more than 60 countries across 6 continents through an extensive distributor network that has resulted in Scantron® solutions being used for examination scoring and national testing services in many countries and 30 Ministries of Education throughout the world.

Worldwide Reach and Experience

  • Scantron has over 40 years of experience partnering with education leaders and administrators at the national, state, district and school levels to provide data and information services that meet local needs.
  • Scantron solutions are used in several international corporations and Fortune 500 companies seeking to effectively manage resources by relying on systematic data capture.
  • Scantron’s particular international expertise is for large-scale, high volume, and high-stakes examinations processing. We are experts at designing test processing solutions for localized testing environments.
  • Scantron’s global network consists of professionals who are experienced and dedicated to helping education and business leaders around the world adapt Scantron’s hardware and software to meet their specific needs.

Data-Driven Decision Making: Key to Excellence

Data Excellence has been our driving force for more than 40 years. Collecting and integrating data from multiple sources and levels is challenging and time-consuming. Scantron products and services make tasks easier and assure that decision-makers have the data and information they need when they need it.

Our scanning solutions have been implemented successfully by world class education and commercial bodies. For whatever data capture need you may have, we at Scantron are here to help you.

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