International Solutions

Ministries of Education across the globe use Scantron® solutions to scan and score high-stakes national tests.
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Scantron International provides data solutions to meet the needs of education leaders seeking to improve quality and student performance in schools around the world

Scantron is passionate about education. Our innovative products and services help teachers and administrators achieve individual, school, district and national goals.

Scantron knows that educational leaders around the world face many challenges and limited resources in their efforts to improve the quality of education and increase student performance. Access to relevant, reliable, timely and cost-effective data on schools, teachers and students is critical to meeting these challenges.

Whether developing national-level education data systems or school-based student record systems, Scantron has the tools and experienced professionals ready to help.

Supporting Quality Education for All

Scantron’s International Education solutions are designed specifically to provide education leaders with the data and information they need to improve the quality of education and increase student performance

National Examinations

The development of National Student Learning Assessment Systems is essential to increase student performance. Without good data, it is impossible to know which schools and teachers, and students are doing well, how best to intervene and where to improve quality and student performance.

Scantron has extensive experience working with the leadership of national assessment, testing and evaluation centers around the world on the development of custom-designed assessment systems using products and services specifically designed to meet the demand of leading global education systems.

School-Based Assessment

Formative and diagnostic assessment of student learning at the classroom level is increasingly being recognized as a powerful tool for improving teaching and student performance.

Scantron has long been recognized as the leader in the provision of tools and services to help principals and teachers conduct regular assessment of individual student learning.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Whether at the system, program, project, school or classroom level, regular and robust monitoring and evaluation is essential to the effective and efficient deployment of resources for improving quality.

Scantron provides products and services to support the design and development of both quantitative and qualitative surveys and timely trouble-free administration, analysis and reporting of results.