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For more than four decades, Scantron has helped education and commercial organizations with their testing needs. Today, 94 of the top 100 universities in the United States use Scantron products.

Higher Education
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Program Assessment
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Assessment Management, Delivery, and Scoring

Higher education professionals depend on accurate assessments to measure student progress. Automating this process saves time and increases accuracy. Due to our deep history in data collection we fully understand the requirements of a strong, effective testing application. Our testing software allows you to create, administer and score tests on paper, or online. Depending on your need, we have a testing solution that will work for your institution's departments and classrooms.

Solutions include:

Assessment Development and Psychometric Services

Whether you’re developing department or program tests or finals or practice exams for certification programs, the development process needs to produce fair and valid items. Items must cover the breadth and depth of your content domain (in both subject and difficulty), track to program- or accreditation-related requirements, be free from bias, and defensively support the educational goals of your institution.

Scantron can help. Our team of assessment experts can provide guidance and assistance throughout the development process.

Learn more about our Assessment Development and Psychometric Services.

Does your bookstore stock Scantron forms?

To further support your needs, we provide many of our forms in pre-packaged bags so you can provide them in your campus bookstore. See our Test Forms Catalog for details, or visit our online store.

    NEW VERSION! Remark v5

    Remark Classic OMR
    • New and improved user interface, with a new look and feel that's easier to use, refreshed visual displays, and, improved access to report properties
    • Speech Recognition for data entry
    • DropBox & Google Drive support
    • Ability to modify SelfScore and Scantron Score data
    • Support for batch header sheets
    • New Changed Answer Reports show changes made in Remark, or through erasures on the form.
    • Item Analysis support for multiple test versions
    • Greatly improved export report to Excel
    • Export to Canvas
    • Support for Windows 8

    And more…Contact your Scantron Representative for information on upgrading to Remark v5!

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    "We needed a solution that would help us increase board pass rates, fast…ParSystem’s effectiveness is proven through the numbers."
    Becky Casey, Director of Wallace Community College Selma’s School of Nursing
    “ParTest and ParScore allow us to implement and score tests on the same day. We can take on internal testing, saving costs and providing quick responses.”
    Kendra Banton, The Georgia Center, UGA
    "ParScore has saved us many labor-intensive hours of manual statistical calculations for student responses on tests."
    Shouka Torabi, Research Specialist at Saddleback College, Mission Viejo, CA