We do the heavy lifting on observation and inspection forms so you don’t have to.

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"[Scantron and IndustrySafe] are solution-oriented and their value system is in direct concert with our desire to understand and eliminate the leading causes of injury and illness."
Joseph P. Henderson, General Manager Safety and Security, Brinderson L.P.

You may be thinking, “I wish I could collect more safety data, but it’s so hard and time-consuming!” Now it doesn’t have to be—automate the process using SafetyCapture instead. Spend more time improving your workplace safety and less time collecting and processing observations and inspections. Why settle for frustrating and inefficient when you have easy and effective at your fingertips? Let SafetyCapture do the heavy lifting for you.

Tired of manually entering observation and inspection data?

SafetyCapture can help:

  • Reduce your backlog of forms
  • Maintain consistent and accurate records
  • Provide audit documentation quickly and easily
  • Track safety issues proactively

Collecting safety observations and equipment inspections can be difficult; not everyone has a computer or a tablet to perform direct data entry. Access and training to use new software is expensive and time-consuming. Sometimes paper is the most effective and convenient option.

Need quick reports you can easily share?

SafetyCapture’s reports help companies improve workplace safety and lower insurance costs by enabling them to easily monitor and identify safety program information. See important data that captures the effectiveness of your company’s safety programs over time.

Choose from our standard reports that reflect what safety professionals need or work with Scantron to design custom reports to match the information you need to share. Reports can be viewed online, printed, or exported as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file for distribution or further analysis.

Want the flexibility of forms that match your needs?

Scantron is a leader in designing and producing forms that are effective and reliable. We work with you to design forms to capture exactly the information you most want to track.

Depending on the specific SafetyCapture solution you choose, you can print your own plain paper form, or Scantron can print the forms for you at our world-class printing facility. Scantron-printed forms are guaranteed to be scannable and reliable, delivering results you can trust.

A SafetyCapture solution is your answer!

SafetyCapture scans paper forms, turning that information into onscreen data you can view and use easily. Forms can include check boxes, barcodes, and comment areas. Use your existing desktop scanners or purchase dedicated scanners from Scantron. Print your own forms or have Scantron print forms for you. Use SafetyCapture’s graphical reports or connect the scanned data to your existing safety management system. Each SafetyCapture solution is designed to fit your workflow and needs.

Multiple SafetyCapture Options 

Do you focus on Transit safety?

Check out our targeted train and bus inspection solution powered by SafetyCaptureTransit Inspector!


Featured Case Study: Brinderson

Energy Safety

The integration of IndustrySafe Safety Management System and Scantron® SafetyCapture® onDemand data collection solution provides Brinderson® employees with an exceptional opportunity to become fully engaged in hazard identification and mitigation within their work environments.

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