We do the heavy lifting on observation and inspection forms so you don’t have to.

Safety Capture
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How It Works
Quality Forms for Quality Results

Ease your workload—get your data faster and make informed decisions

SafetyCapture fulfills a critical component you’re missing—speed, accuracy and efficiency of extracting the data you’re already collecting on observation and audit forms.

Improve your process performance and workplace safety with:

  • Professional form design that's easy to complete, visually appealing and scannable
  • High speed scanners that transform paper forms into digital forms
  • Innovative technology that automatically reads your handwriting and exports your data
  • Tailored solutions based on your specific business needs
  • Automatic verification when needed so you can easily confirm accuracy
  • Convenient export formats

Collectively see the result of what's on those forms so you can understand, be proactive, and coach your observers where the need is to improve your safety culture and keep your colleagues safe.