Ascensus Assessment System

Supporting holistic, multimetric accountability systems with computer-adaptive and online fixed-form testing.
Ascensus Assessment System
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Enhance your experience with Scantron Professional Services.


Scantron provides a full spectrum of support for your assessment development. From DIY to full guidance and support, Scantron meets you where you are and helps take you even higher.

Services include:

  • Assessment Development
    Scantron’s experts help you develop assessments to accurately measure student knowledge. We combine your district expertise with our assessment expertise and work together to deliver test blueprints, review item development, and execute scoring, analysis, and reporting. We also provide maintenance services to keep your assessments up to date for you.
  • Professional Development 
    Want to do it yourself? Let us work with you to build your team’s capacity on any or all segments of the assessment development cycle. We also provide consulting services to get you started and help you move your assessment forward.
  • Psychometric Support and Research 
    Scantron has developed a suite of services to help educators better understand and use assessment results. We provide test validation, linear equating studies, differential item functioning (DIF) analysis, score verification, statistical and psychometric consultation, and more.

See Assessment Development Services for more details.

Professional Development Services

Our mission is to partner with you to ensure your teachers, administrators, and staff are not only proficient  with the solutions you have chosen but are also on board with the educational changes you are trying to  achieve. We work with you to reinforce your message so you can elevate and accelerate student achievement. Scantron offers a comprehensive list of product training options for our assessment products.

Change can be scary. While other vendors provide tools, Scantron provides a true partnership to help you manage change and move seamlessly toward evidence-based decisions that support your students. Get the most out of your Scantron solutions by adding professional development and training services. This robust suite of standard and custom classes helps your teachers and administrators use Scantron assessment, analytics, and survey solutions effectively. Our facilitators are expert in delivering standard classes and designing custom professional development to suit your needs and bring years of educational experience and a consultative approach to your solutions.

See Professional Development Services for details.


With this service, you can spend time planning and implementing your assessment program while still focusing on student achievement.  Our team provides users with essential tools and support for seamless product integration and continued growth.

Options range from a dedicated CPM resource to per-day and per-hour service packages. See Client Program Management Services for more details.


Data Integration Services automates large-file data transfers from your Student Information System to your Achievement Series® and Performance Series® site. Streamline your data processing and get reliable, up-to-date student information faster with services like item imports, custom report development, scanner compliance testing, and more.  See Data Integration Services for details.


  • School districts across the country have benefited from Scantron’s innovations over decades that support large-scale assessment programs. See Assessment Support Services for more information.
  • To ensure accurate results and produce cost-effective test forms, Scantron offers world-class, quality printing.  For more details, please visit our Print Services page.
  • Too many tests, not enough time? Scantron can scan test forms—transforming them into actionable data—and deliver output files, detailed reports, or both. See the Data Processing Services brochure for details.

Funding Support

Funding Support

Many Scantron® solutions can be purchased using grants and other funding sources. Scantron's products and services provide solutions to many of the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA),  and Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) programs. Many of Scantron's solutions can be purchased using grants and other funding sources available to both K-12 and higher education organizations.

Contact us to see if you qualify