Scantron DesignExpert™

Simplifying scannable form design and printing for faster processing and results.
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Scantron DesignExpert™ software is a versatile tool that allows you to design scannable forms for both OMR (optical mark recognition) and image-based forms processing applications, with these key features:

  • Graphic and text capabilities
  • Grid wizard and hand print wizard
  • Document personalization
  • MergePrint utility software and duplex printing for maximum options
  • ScanTools® Software interface
  • PrintFlex™—an optional module that enables you to design forms for printing locally on plain paper


  • Reduce design time and speed up the approval process
  • Make changes in minutes
  • Save on composition costs
  • Design cut sheets, continuous forms, multi-part forms, and booklets


  • With Scantron DesignExpert™ software's local laser printer feature, you can print your design on our standard form (recommended for print quantities under 1000 forms)
  • For larger volumes, send your design to Scantron for expert printing on our high-speed offset presses
  • Personalize both local laser-printed and Scantron-printed scannable forms with names, addresses, ID codes, and more, which increases data accuracy, improves user response, and saves you time.