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Delivering high-impact automated course and study program evaluations with measurable feedback for lasting institutional improvement.
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Class Climate by Scantron is a leader in course evaluations. Our services are available to help you when you need it most. Our team ensures you are maximizing the value and benefits. Our solution is tailored to your needs. We stand behind our product with a full service team available.

Don’t be fooled by a one size fits all solution, or small mom-and-pop that won't be there when you need it.

Professional Services progression 

Product Training

Training enables your team and you to better navigate the software and effectively interpret the results. Scantron Corporation has a fully staffed corporate training department dedicated to building capacity for change within organizations and institutions through a series of training and consulting activities.

Full course outlines for each class offered are available upon request. Sign up for a course today!


We provide experienced, dedicated experts in course evaluation management to help you efficiently implement your system and quickly process your surveys for faster return on investment.  Our experts work with you to create a customized, manageable schedule that sets your evaluation process up for success.

Professional Services

Professional development enables you and your staff to navigate the software and interpret the results more effectively. Scantron Corporation has a fully staffed corporate development department through which we offer an array of product training and staff development classes and seminars for Class Climate. The team is dedicated to building capacity for change within organizations and institutions through a series of training and consulting activities.

Survey Services

Research & Insights from Scantron Survey Services helps educational institutions effectively monitor the success of workshops, lectures, and courses to help maintain a high standard of management and learning.

Custom Form Development

We offer a full range of services to help you with your assessment and survey projects. From design and print services to delivery and support services, we are here to assist and manage every facet of your assessment and survey project. We'll even help you scan the incoming forms and prepare reports.



Class Climate includes a variety of add-on modules to enhance your experience:

  • VividForms Designer—Expand your design options and create templates that match your institution’s look and feel, while still incorporating pre-defined or custom questions, scales, and other design features.
  • Intelligent Character Recogition (ICR)—Transform handwritten comments in single-line open questions into automatically transcribed data (you can use Web verification to confirm the results).
  • Additional Scanstations—Add as many Scanstation licenses as you need to distribute scanning activities across departments or groups within your institution. 

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