Class Climate®

Delivering high-impact automated course and study program evaluations with measurable feedback for lasting institutional improvement.
Class Climate
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Class Climate® makes every phase of the course and event evaluation cycle easier. Once your system is set up and configured, simply:

  1. Design your questionnaires. Drag-and-drop technology makes it easy to quickly create questionnaires you can reuse across classes and locations. Class Climate's "Design Once" approach means you can use the same questionnaire for mobile, online, and paper surveys—we automatically display your questions appropriately for the device.
  2. Select courses and schedule the evaluations. On one simple screen, set up online distribution, prepare paper form sets, or both.
  3. Collect your results. Online responses are available as soon as employees complete the questionnaires. Paper responses are available immediately after they are scanned. Both response types are stored in the same database, so your results are unified into a single picture of employee opinion.
  4. Watch your quality metrics climb. Highly visual quality management dashboards make it easy for stakeholders to see how courses are performing. Automated reports mean you can deliver results to trainers without additional effort.