Remark Classic OMR®

Converting paper tests and survey responses into usable data, so you don’t have to.
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NEW VERSION! Remark v5

Remark Classic OMR
  • New and improved user interface, with a new look and feel that's easier to use, refreshed visual displays, and, improved access to report properties
  • Speech Recognition for data entry
  • DropBox & Google Drive support
  • Ability to modify SelfScore and Scantron Score data
  • Support for batch header sheets
  • New Changed Answer Reports show changes made in Remark, or through erasures on the form.
  • Item Analysis support for multiple test versions
  • Greatly improved export report to Excel
  • Export to Canvas
  • Support for Windows 8

And more…Contact your Scantron Representative for information on upgrading to Remark v5!

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Convert Paper Tests and Surveys into Usable Data

Stop grading tests or entering survey responses by hand! Remark’s robust recognition engine reads most common Scantron forms—scanned using Scantron OMR and imaging scanners—and transforms marks into usable data. Grade your tests automatically using the Grade Wizard tool, too!

Use Scantron Scanners for Superior Results

Other scanners see your forms only in black and white. Scantron knows your world is more complex: students erase answers, survey respondents change their minds. Our OMR scanners use 256 shades of grey to distinguish between dark marks and lighter ones, so your results are immediately accurate—no manual data entry correction required!

Automate Repeated Tasks

Remark’s Automation Wizard sets up standard tasks to run automatically, such as scanning, running reports, and exporting or emailing results. Once you define and save your automated processes on any computer where Remark is already installed, you and other users can just double-click and get going!

Quickly Analyze Data

Remark provides a variety of graphical reports to help you make the best possible instructional or business decisions, then effectively communicate the basis for those decisions. From test results and item analysis to survey question cross-tabulation, Remark is sure to provide the data view you need, quickly and easily.

Integrated Results

By providing support for a wide variety of data export formats (such as many popular databases and learning management systems), Remark ensures you get the widest possible use of any test and survey data you collect.

More Perks

Get more from your Remark solution with these special packages:

  • Plug it in. Get results!
    Scantron scanner buyers can purchase a package that includes Remark to add powerful reporting to select Scantron scanners. Learn more >>

  • Help students prepare!
    Scantron offers a scannable ACT practice form you can use to score ACT® practice tests* at your school. Contact Scantron Customer Service (800.722.6876) or your Scantron representative for details.

  • Score ACT Residual Tests immediately!
    Scantron offers an easy solution for scoring the ACT Residual Test* and getting ACT Residual scaled scores immediately! Ask about our solution >>

    * ACT is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc. The scannable practice and residual test forms are not sanctioned or endorsed by ACT. You must obtain the ACT test booklets and scoring key(s) directly from ACT, Inc. Visit for details.

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