Support student success more effectively with this suite of modules that allows educators to create, administer, and score multi-format tests.
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How It Works

ParSystem® is Scantron’s integrated suite of powerful software modules that allow you to create, administer, and score tests on paper or over the Internet.

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ParSystem’s three ingredients—ParTest®, ParTest Online, and ParScore®—all fit into Scantron’s overall student achievement package. 


ParTest® includes all the tools and technology to make test creation easy and more effective.

  • Create unlimited item banks, each with up to 5,000 questions including true/false, multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and essay
  • Group questions by objective and keywords
  • Review and analyze test questions using the Quick Preview window to display the degree of difficulty, discrimination levels, scores, item analysis, and response frequencies

With ParTest, teachers can develop multi-format tests from numerous item banks, then build and manage tests using the item banks. ParTest provides answer keys and test information to ParScore and ParTest Online. It receives item statistics from ParScore after scoring and analysis is complete.

ParTest Online

ParTest Online works with ParTest to publish and administer tests online.

  • Include graphic files
  • Choose from various test formats, such as timed, forward-only, practice, and real-test modes
  • Review results and access test session criteria using the Test Manager

ParTest Online is where you schedule and deliver ParSystem tests over the Internet. It uses the ParScore roster to verify enrollment, then delivers the appropriate test as designed in ParTest. When students complete a test, results are transferred to ParScore.


ParScore® is a comprehensive, easy-to-use test scoring solution that features an electronic gradebook, subtesting capability, user-defined mastery reports, and program-wide test score management.

  • Score up to 26 versions of tests with up to 200 questions each and evaluate up to 26 responses per item
  • Monitor individual student growth and understanding of course material

ParScore captures assessment results from ParTest and ParTest Online, then analyzes and stores the results in a class roster. Next, ParScore posts analysis data back to ParTest item banks so you can measure the effectiveness of testing items. Finally, ParScore provides an enrollment file for ParTest Online, ensuring online tests are only available to the appropriate students.