Automate exam development and delivery, collaborate  with peers to create sharable question banks, and deliver tests online or on paper for efficient results reporting.
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Automation provides a seamless process to deliver the right exams to the right students. EvaExam communicates with your student information system to import course structures, courses, and enrollment information. Because exams can be reused or based on shared question libraries, you get a more consistent testing approach. This consistent approach ensures students are being tested fairly and equitably, regardless of when they take the course—or from whom. Role-based administration ensures test security, while still supporting collaboration for courses taught by multiple instructors.

Give Tests Online or On Paper

EvaExam enables you to give tests that best match your preferences and your institution’s policies. You can create online or paper forms and choose to deliver the test using either. Regardless of your choice, all responses are scored equitably using the same scoring engine and storing scores from both methods in the same place.

Work Where and When You Want

Subscribe to our hosted site, or work with your institution’s IT department—either way, you get a secure testing environment for both instructors and students. Because EvaExam is web-based, instructors can develop exams whenever as wherever they want. Depending on institution and course policy, students can take exams in person or on the go: online exams are optimized for display on mobile devices. Our unique combination of security and flexibility ensures your exams are developed and delivered efficiently and effectively.

Use the Question Library or Develop Your Own Questions

EvaExam supports the following item types:

  • Multiple choice (single or multiple response, including KPRIM support)
  • True/False
  • Open response
  • Gridded response (for handwriting recognition)
  • Matching

You can create equations, graphics, separator lines, and question groups, or apply color to headings and questions to add visual interest and keep students engaged. Questions can include defined difficulty levels and always provide item statistics from past exams, so you can easily choose which questions are most appropriate to your test. You can use these criteria to automatically generate tests by including questions randomly. Further, you can scramble questions on tests to create individualized tests and reduce cheating.

You can link any question you create to a question library. EvaExam supports multiple levels of question libraries. Using the hierarchical folder structure, instructors can easily locate and collaborate on shared questions.

Score Tests More Efficiently

As you create questions individually for tests or to be included in a question library, you can supply correct answers to support automated grading (for all types except open response). For open response questions, you can provide scoring guidelines. You can add explanations and references to support practice exams and improve student achievement. In addition, you can also set a score threshold to automatically identify results as pass/ no pass. And, you can set time limits on tests that automatically close learning progress checks and see results immediately.

Connect Exams with Your Learning Management System

Using either our SOAP-API or LTI® interfaces, you can connect EvaExam with your institution’s learning management system (LMS), such as Canvas, Blackboard, or Moodle. The LTI integration makes it easy to remind students about exams due and review results. Use SOAP-API to automatically transfer scores into the appropriate gradebook columns. Extend Your Capabilities with Plugins EvaExam’s plugins extend scoring and other capabilities. Current plugins include:

  • A grading scale calculator to automatically adjust final scores after all grading is complete.
  • A rescoring function to regrade tests in the event of a scoring error or misidentified correct answer.
  • An importer to bring in IMS QTI-compliant questions and tests.

We regularly add plugins, so be sure to check your plugin dashboard for the latest extensions.

Support Students with Disabilities

EvaExam complies with WCAG 2.0 Level AA, the most stringent accessibility standard.

Generate Commonly Required Reports

Once all scoring is complete, you can create and distribute reports, including item statistics, student results, and even certificates of completion or participation.