Automate exam development and delivery, collaborate  with peers to create sharable question banks, and deliver tests online or on paper for efficient results reporting.
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EvaExam is a leader in online and paper testing. Our services are available to help you when you need it most. Our team ensures you are maximizing the value and benefits. Our solution is tailored to your needs. We stand behind our product with a full service team available.

Don’t be fooled by a one size fits all solution, or small mom-and-pop that won't be there when you need it.

Professional Services progression 

Product Training

Training enables your team and you to better navigate the software and effectively interpret the results. Scantron Corporation has a fully staffed corporate training department dedicated to building capacity for change within organizations and institutions through a series of training and consulting activities.

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We provide experienced, dedicated experts in course evaluation management to help you efficiently implement your system and quickly process your exams for faster return on investment.  Our experts work with you to create a customized, manageable schedule that sets your examination process up for success.

Professional Services

Professional development enables you and your staff to navigate the software and interpret the results more effectively. Scantron Corporation has a fully staffed corporate development department through which we offer an array of product training and staff development classes and seminars for Class Climate. The team is dedicated to building capacity for change within organizations and institutions through a series of training and consulting activities.


Scantron provides a full spectrum of support for your assessment development. From DIY to full guidance and support, Scantron meets you where you are and helps take you even higher.

Services include:

  • Assessment Development
    Scantron’s experts help you develop assessments to accurately measure student knowledge. We combine your institution's expertise with our assessment expertise and work together to deliver test blueprints, review item development, and execute scoring, analysis, and reporting. We also provide maintenance services to keep your assessments up to date for you.
  • Professional Development 
    Want to do it yourself? Let us work with you to build your team’s capacity on any or all segments of the assessment development cycle. We also provide consulting services to get you started and help you move your assessment forward.
  • Psychometric Support and Research 
    Scantron has developed a suite of services to help educators better understand and use assessment results. We provide test validation, linear equating studies, differential item functioning (DIF) analysis, score verification, statistical and psychometric consultation, and more.

See Assessment Development Services for more details.

Custom Form Development

We offer a full range of services to help you with your assessment projects. From design and print services to delivery and support services, we are here to assist and manage every facet of your assessment and survey project. We'll even help you scan the incoming forms and prepare reports.