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Need to see ALL your assessment data in ONE place?

For many districts, analyzing student assessment results is lengthy and labor-intensive. You have to locate the most recent results, then transform the raw numbers into information that stakeholders can easily understand. It takes weeks of time and a lot of effort—and that’s to answer ONE question. What if that answer creates a new question?

You need a solution that unifies data from many sources into a single place where you can not only get your questions answered, but also explore your assessment results to uncover patterns in your
data that you never knew existed.

Scantron Assessment Analytics provides a powerful solution for analyzing longitudinal assessment data from multiple sources and years, and includes a wide range of interactive dashboards that help visualize the data. Views are made more powerful and easier to use with pre-built connectors to commonly-used assessment sources, including Scantron Achievement Series®, ACCESS, SAT®, ACT®, and PLAN®.

Start with a top-level dashboard, then drill to different views and levels of details. Data visualizations are interactive—and immediate. Assessment Analytics processes updates daily, so you always have current results. As fast as you can think of questions, Scantron Assessment Analytics can deliver answers. 

Key Features

  • Expansive set of predefined dashboards and data visualizations.
  • Predefined set of assessment data connectors.
  • Host with Scantron so there's no IT burden.
  • Powered by QlikView, the leading data discovery platform used by thousands of public and private enterprises, so you can:
    • Consolidate relevant data from multiple assessment sources into a single application.
    • Explore the associations in your data.
    • Enable social decision making through secure, real-time collaboration.
    • Visualize data with engaging, state-of-the-art graphics.
    • Search across all assessment data using filters to focus on demographic characteristics or analyze specific cohorts.
    • Access and analyze data from mobile devices.

Key Benefits

  • Understand trends in college readiness based on longitudinal views of college entrance exams—the results are instantly disaggregated by gender, ethnicity, or whatever criteria you need to see.
  • Answer your own questions, without having to wait for queries and reports to be built for you.
  • Drill into the detail of Achievement Series® scores, analyzing data by performance band, standards, or scores across schools, grades, subjects and years.
  • Integrate new assessment data sources as they become available.
  • Easily scale to support very large data sets from multiple sources covering multiple schools, grades, and even years.
  • Collaborate and share your results more effectively with cross-functional data teams and Professional Learning Communities.


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