Scantron Survey Services

We help organizations better understand stakeholders' perceptions. Our dedicated project management team works closely with you to achieve your survey and data management objectives. Survey Services are yet another way we help you get the insight needed to make more informed decisions.
SurveyTracker Plus
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Full-Service Provider
  • Psychometric expertise to align survey content with your needs to drive accurate results
  • Turn-key, in-house print and mail shop for fulfillment and distribution to your defined recipients, including:
    • Digital and traditional print capabilities for customized respondent packages and response forms
    • Customized packaging and shipping/mailing to include targeted information for each recipient
    • Multiple USPS options to meet your sending and tracking needs
  • Complete, high-speed response collection and rapid reporting to save you time and effort
  • Proprietary data analytics engine so you can explore your results and ask questions in real-time
  • Quantitative, quantitative, and interpretive analysis reports to connect your results to your objectives and critical next steps
  • Multi-modal delivery capabilities: web, phone, and paper

Prefer to do it yourself? We can still help!

Do you have other projects you'd prefer to handle in-house? Scantron provides several survey software solutions to support your own in-house efforts for smaller surveys. It's not all or nothing—Scantron can provide consulting and additional support at any phase of the survey process to supplement your efforts.