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We help schools measure student opinion and school climate to support ESSA multimetric accountability systems.
My Student Survey
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How It Works

Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive, improvement-focused approach to school accountability. Stakeholder surveys are a great way to enhance your understanding of your educational environment and improve your school.

  • Student surveys of teacher practice and school climate surveys help you:
  • Parent engagement surveys help you measure the involvement of your students’ best advocates—their parents—so you can make evidence-based, responsive decisions about school improvement. 
  • Staff engagement surveys help you identify your schools’ strengths and areas for improvement so you can function strongly as a team to provide the best education possible.

Used together or separately, these turn-key surveys form the backbone of a robust suite of holistic measures you can use to improve your school for all stakeholders.


Individualized feedback!
Surveys support your goals

Many states now strongly recommend or even require classroom and school survey results as part of their accountability model. In addition, classroom and school surveys can support many crucial goals, such as providing individualized feedback for teachers or developing more robust school improvement plans. Can your survey provider help meet these goals? Scantron and My Student Survey can!

Review our checklist to see the kinds of questions you should be asking your survey provider.

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