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We help schools measure student opinion and school climate to support ESSA multimetric accountability systems.
My Student Survey
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My Student Survey
Add stakeholder surveys to your multiple measures approach

Incorporating a more comprehensive set of measures into your definition of school and student success is a crucial element for delivering educational equity. ESSA requires states to examine multiple measures and use the results to make evidence-based decisions. Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to simplify assessing knowledge and perceptions using multiple measures.

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  • Expand your definition of student success.
  • Adjust instruction based on differentiated feedback.
  • Use both assessment and stakeholder perception data within analytics that drive school improvement
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Scantron and My Student Survey have teamed up to provide you with a comprehensive, improvement-focused approach to school accountability. Stakeholder surveys are a great way to enhance your understanding of your educational environment and improve your school.

  • Student surveys of teacher practice and school climate surveys help you:
  • Parent engagement surveys help you measure the involvement of your students’ best advocates—their parents—so you can make evidence-based, responsive decisions about school improvement. 
  • Staff engagement surveys help you identify your schools’ strengths and areas for improvement so you can function strongly as a team to provide the best education possible.

Used together or separately, these turn-key surveys form the backbone of a robust suite of holistic measures you can use to improve you school for all stakeholders.