Client Program Management Services

The Client Program Management Services Team provides customers with the essential tools and informed support recommended for a high‑quality product implementation and continued growth.

Implementation Services
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Standard CPM Services

Customers can expect their CPM to provide the following services annually. All services are tailored to each organization’s needs.

Implementation & Planning

  • Identify & Track Goals
  • Design, Measure, and Analyze Phases of the Project Life Cycle
  • Develop Project Plan
  • Guide Processes & Roll-out
  • Product Set-up
  • Coordinate Training

Product/Technical Guidance

  • Data Importing & Archiving
  • Product Updates
  • Best Practices
  • User Interface, Product, and Configuration Guides

Consistent Communication

  • Quarterly Planning Meetings
  • Monthly Check-in
  • Status/Usage Reporting
  • Monthly Best-Practices
  • Newsletter
  • Liaison for Commissioned Projects