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Throughout the assessment lifecycle, Scantron’s expert consultants can meet you where you are and help get you where you want to be. Our comprehensive suite of assessment development and psychometric services help you get the most out of your assessment development process.

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Assessment Development Lifecycle

The Assessment Development Lifecycle

Although your assessment development cycle may vary, typical cycles include at least the following phases. Scantron can help throughout the cycle.Assessment Cycle

  • Design and Blueprint
    The program design is the primary strategic phase, where you examine your goals and determine how your overall assessment program can help you meet those goals. The assessment blueprint (sometimes called a test development plan) lays out the exam and item- level details needed to meet the overall goals defined in your program design. Scantron can provide professional development workshops and in-depth consulting to work with your assessment team to develop a plan that meets your needs.
  • Item Development and Review
    Item development identifies and creates the specific questions and answer choices that will appear on assessments. Reviewing items ensures they contain appropriate content, support the right grade or difficulty level(s), and are free from bias. Scantron can provide professional development, item writing, image creation, and assistance with locating and licensing appropriate reading passages. If you are using Scantron-created items, this type of review is included in that development process. If you prefer to create your own items, Scantron can provide expert consulting to assist your team with an “outside eye” or deliver professional development to help build your organization’s capacity.
  • Exam Form and Bank Creation
    Assessment development assembles completed items into the test forms and assessment banks you intend to present to students. This phase may include field testing of some or all items. It may also include operational testing to ensure your assessment delivery mechanisms run smoothly and efficiently. Scantron provides a variety of assessment services for this phase. You can purchase Scantron-developed item banks from which you choose assessment items, or our team of assessment experts can assemble an assessment for you. Scantron’s technical experts can help you integrate items you have created or purchased from other sources into Achievement Series®, so you can create assessments from multiple sources of material..
  • Analysis, Scoring, and Reporting
    The ultimate purpose of assessment is to gather data and information that you can use to drive instruction. Psychometric analysis and reporting is key to turning your assessment data into meaningful information. Scantron supports this phase, as well. Our highly qualified team of psychometricians can work with you to analyze test data and create reports to demonstrate the effectiveness of your assessments.
  • Maintenance
    Performing maintenance tasks and analyzing your assessments for continual improvement is a critical step to ensure you are getting the most accurate results to measure student achievement. You need to plan to address inevitable educational changes in your assessment program. You should plan to refresh your content regularly—which also means you can use topical items that refer to current events or social trends more readily, thus engaging your students in the assessments more thoroughly and relevantly. Scantron provides ongoing maintenance services as well as consulting and professional development to support this critical activity.

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The Mystery of the Missing Measure
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What gets measured gets done! The key is to know what you are measuring—especially when it comes to designing high quality assessments that truly impact student achievement. Join the webinar and explore topics that will help you view assessment development in a whole new light.

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