i NSIGHT™ 20 Plus Document Scanner

The i NSIGHT™ 20 Plus from Scantron is a compact, affordable desktop model scanner that combines color document imaging technology along with the proven data collection capabilities and accuracy of optical mark recognition (OMR).
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iNSIGHT 20 Plus

The i  NSIGHT™ 20 Plus is an industry-exclusive scanner. Scantron applied over fifty years of engineering, forms design, applications development and customer support experience to ensure our customers' success. Whenever you need a reasonably priced and compact scanner that has the accuracy of OMR and the productivity and flexibility of Document Imaging, the
i  NSIGHT 20 Plus is the right solution for you.

Meeting Your Document Imaging and OMR Needs

Due to its unique blend of capabilities, the i NSIGHT 20 Plus is well priced and perfectly positioned to address applications such as testing, surveys attendance, grading, student portfolios, personnel records, archival, and general back file conversions. Depending on your requirements and budget, Scantron can meet the needs of your application. 

Data Collection

Data Collection is the process of reading marks from a printed form (e.g. tests, surveys, ballots, etc.) and converting it to ASCII data. The i NSIGHT 20 Plus accurately scans the form for data while our ScanTools® Plus software controls the scanning process and stores the data that is read. The scanner and software work together reading up to 1,950 sheets per hour.

The i NSIGHT 20 Plus scanner can read written marks (such as bubbles, check marks, tick marks) and bar codes. The scanner, working with ScanTools Plus software, can also scan grayscale images for digital storage. In addition, the i  NSIGHT 20 Plus can read machine print and handprint using RealTime Character Recognition software (available separately).


Outstanding Accuracy

Data Collection Features

  • ScanTools Plus data collection software included with some models
  • Provides 8-bit, 256 grayscale levels and 200 dpi images
  • Ink and pencil mark detection
  • Allows you to capture, name and archive image clips (TIFF, JPEG)
  • Software recognized bar code
  • Processes machine and hand print data with the optional RealTime Character Recognition software
  • Maintains software compatibility with existing ScanTools applications

What's the difference between pencil read and ink read and why does it matter?

Lots of scanners say they can read both pencil and ink marks, including us. But not all scanners support both pencil and ink forms. Due to the type of light source used to recognize marks, pencil forms can be very colorful, since the read-head will only recognize the pencil marks on those forms—the color of the form doesn't matter. Pencil forms are often more visually engaging, but you lose the ability to support ink responses. On the other hand, ink forms use what's known as a drop out color (usually some type of red or orange). That way, the scanner can ignore anything that's red or orange, letting it read either pencil or ink marks from the form.

Why does this matter? It matters because scanning accuracy depends on the read-head and processing software knowing what is part of the form and what is a mark. Scantron's guaranteed scannable forms and industry-leading mark recognition software ensure that you get the same reliable results, regardless of which type of form you use.

Document Imaging

Document imaging is the process of scanning paper documents and converting them to digital images. We know that the documents you work with aren't always the perfect size, shape or quality for scanning; that is what makes the i NSIGHT 20 Plus perfect for your scanning needs.

This scanner can effortlessly handle sheets of multiple sizes and thickness in a single batch; from small card stock to long print-outs. With one-click you can select the format of the scanned image, the resolution, the file type, and the destination of the resulting file using the Click&Scan software.

In document imaging mode, the i NSIGHT 20 Plus scanner with Click&Scan software, can scan up to 1,950 two-sided black & white, grayscale and color images at 200 dots-per-inch (dpi) per hour.

Excellent Productivity

Document Imaging Features

  • Includes Click&Scan software which offers one-click functionality to send documents to file, email, printers, fax printers and desktop applications
  • Utilizes TWAIN Driver (included)
  • Output resolutions from 75 to 1200 dpi
  • Interactive brightness, contrast, and color adjustment
  • Optical resolution at 600 dpi
  • Scans at speeds up to 32 pages per minute/65 images per minute
  • Simultaneous black & white, color or grayscale image output
  • Save files in TIFF, JPEG, RTF and PDF formats
  • Supported by Scantron's extensive services organization to ensure maximum uptime and customer satisfaction

Customer Application Sidebars

Testing and Training

  • Tests and learning assessment
  • Instructor, performance, and course evaluations
  • Enrollment and tracking
  • Employee in-services
  • Student profiles, documentation, and forms

Research and Evaluation

  • Survey and questionnaire data collection
  • Product research
  • Program evaluations
  • Competitive data collection
  • Enrollment and applications

Human Resources

  • Payroll/time sheets
  • Benefit enrollments
  • Applicant tracking
  • Employee change of status
  • Employee surveys
  • 360-Degree surveys


  • Patient encounter forms
  • Patient satisfaction surveys
  • Medical histories and patient forms
  • Patient, needs and risk assessments
  • Nurse staffing reports
  • Continuing education evaluations
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