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The Every Student Succeeds Act of 2015 focuses on "the clear goal of fully preparing all students for success in college and careers." State accountability systems are a crucial part of the effort; they must focus on clear, intuitive annual ratings that measure all schools fairly and encourage schools to focus on all students, not just low performers. States are already taking full advantage of the new flexibility to expand into multiple accountability measures, including a renewed focus on sophisticated non-academic measures.

Scantron is here to help. With more than 40 years of experience in education and deep assessment expertise, we are committed to supporting your approach to ESSA and holistic multimetric accountability:

  • Deliver assessments that focus on performance for all students.
  • Demonstrate improvements via multiple measures, such as school climate survey results, student growth over time, increased high school graduation rates, and other measures.
  • Expand your summative environment and use innovative options to combine multiple measures delivered throughout the year.
  • Expand multimetric flexibility to include non-academic measures such as student engagement, school climate, teacher engagement, and more.

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Delivering assessments that focus on performance for all students

ESSA's focus is on improving performance and proficiency for all students: ones who are struggling, ones who are succeeding, and ones who need a greater challenge. Scantron's blended interim assessment approach provides a more holistic view of both on-grade and grade-independent proficiency:

  • Use our fixed-form assessments to measure on-grade proficiency in any subject. This solution can incorporate our proven item and test banks for core and CTE subjects and includes item and test development engines for you to create your own exams on any subject. Our assessment development experts are ready to help with professional development, consulting, and research to expand your subject coverage.
  • Use our computer-adaptive assessment to measure growth and identify proficiency independent of grade level. This solution helps you test less and measure more by providing a variety of measures for each administration (we recommend three times a year for the most accurate growth measurement).

Both assessments offer immediate reports linked to instructional resources that support struggling students, challenge high performers, and raise the bar for everyone in-between. Using the complete solution provides you with a blended approach you can use to satisfy reporting requirements, identify proficiency, drill deeper into the causes of poor performance, and easily expand subject coverage.

Demonstrating improvements via multiple measures

ESSA expand reporting flexibility by allowing schools to use a variety of measures to indicate school and student performance. Scantron Analytics provides an interactive, one-stop solution for all your student data to evaluate trends and analyze holistic performance from the student to the state level. This solution provides interactive dashboards and visualizations so you can truly explore your data, not just see static reports. Incorporate data from multiple sources, such as student demographics, discipline, attendance, school and classroom surveys, assessment results from any provider, and much more.

Expanding summative environment with innovative options

Under ESSA, states and districts can be much more creative about how they construct exams to measure student proficiency. Instead of relying on a single year-end test, states can now develop approaches that measure throughout the year and roll up to a year-end score, include growth measures, demonstrate aggressive achievement gap closure, and much more. Scantron's assessment development experts can provide a variety of support for innovative assessments:

  • Complete blueprinting and assessment development
  • Consulting at any part of the assessment development cycle
  • Professional development to grow your internal team expertise
  • Any combination of the above

Including non-traditional measures in your multimetric accountability model

ESSA requires states to look beyond traditional measures, such as test scores in a limited number of core subjects, to provide a more holistic definition of school quality. You've trusted Scantron for decades to provide the most effective and efficient digital and paper assessments to measure student academic growth and achievement. Now we've teamed up with My Student Survey to offer student surveys of teacher practice, school climate surveys, or both to provide a more comprehensive approach to measuring teacher and school effectiveness. My Student Survey has been a national leader on stakeholder surveys since 2010 and has worked with districts across the country such as Metro Nashville Public Schools, DC Public Schools, New York City Schools, and many others.

Student surveys of teacher practice and school climate surveys help you:

  • Offer teachers meaningful and actionable feedback so they can grow professionally
  • Improve the teacher evaluation process to provide accurate predictors of student growth
  • Engage students in the educational experience


Did you know? Scantron is a leader in K-12 Assessment!

is a Leader
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Before we began using Scantron Analytics, analyzing school-wide student data was a process that took weeks. Now, with Scantron Analytics, we are able to complete the analysis in minutes.
Andy Caves, Principal, William L. Radney Elementary
"[This] is an excellent tool for our school! It helps us make data-driven decisions, which benefit all learners, regardless of performance level."
Amanda Davis, Curriculum Coach, Fort Payne Middle School
"By using Performance Series, we've gained back eight full days of instructional time—and we have the student score reports and instructional resources immediately…"
, Superintendent of Secondary Education
"With Scantron Analytics, we can look at our data from multiple perspectives as if through a camera lens. We can zoom in to analyze a particular student, or zoom out for a broader view of the class, school or district."
Chris Lindberg, Data, Research & Testing Manager, Bellevue School District, WA
"It helps teachers dramatically focus their efforts…the instruction the next day can be based on [reports from yesterday’s test]…"
Jason Anderson, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction, Assessment and Innovation, Frederick County Public Schools, MD
"We have used the Performance Series assessment for ten years at Valley Oak and we find it a very useful tool for identifying specific standards that have not yet been mastered."
Laura Fulmer, Director, Valley Oak Charter
“Performance Series questions went beyond grade-level standards. This…opened the curiosity door and allowed [students] to search the depths of their knowledge.”
Meighan Lewis, Teacher, Munford High School
"Scantron has provided the tools needed to validate student learning and support teacher decisions to move students to the next Performance Level when they are ready."
Dr. Oliver Grenham, Chief Education Officer, Adams County School District 50
"Scantron delivered not only a superior product but also a superior system of delivery, support, flexibility, and technical assistance."
Sherrill Parris, Deputy State Superintendent Alabama State Department of Education
"Performance Series and Achievement Series' analysis tools and reports enable teachers to use their assessment results to effectively drive instruction."
Steve Robinson, Vice –Principal Liberty High School (Literacy First Charter School)