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eBook: From Assessment to Insight with Analytics

Want to provide teachers with knowledge that can improve student achievement as well as serve as an early warning system for at risk students? This eBook describes how turning streams of data into actionable information can make a real difference in your district.


Scantron's experts worked closely with Tech & Learning's experts and Scantron customers to develop information you can use to improve the way you view your students. No more struggling to answer one question with spreadsheets—now you can answer any question you can think of with just a few clicks.

This eBook includes:

  • Definitions of and differences between data, information, and knowledge.
  • Challenges educators often face in understanding and using data effectively.
  • What the next generation of data analysis looks like, and how it can improve you efforts to make evidence-based decisions.
  • Specific insights a real-time, interactive analytics system can provide.
  • Two tip-packed case studies showcasing how districts are currently using Scantron Analytics to practice effective data mining and improve student achievement.

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Scantron gratefully acknowledges Tech & Learning for their creation and support of this eBook.
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