Your Course Evaluation Experts 

Many, if not most institutions understand the value of course, program, and instructor feedback, but struggle to collect it efficiently and deliver it rapidly to those who most need it to drive decisions. Scantron's course evaluation and institutional survey solution, Class Climate, provides a robust, flexible system that you can tailor to meet your unique needs and organization.

This article series presents some core concepts that drive the creation and continued delivery of a truly effective, automated evaluation system.

Measuring Course Quality
Exploring Basic Issues

  • What makes good instruction?
  • What instructional performance standards can be expected?
  • What metrics should you track?

This article explores key issues to consider as you design the quality management system that drives the true value of course, program, and instructor feedback.

Navigating the Evaluation Landscape
Understanding Interest Groups and Their Evaluation Needs

  • Who are the interest groups involved in managing course quality?
  • How should the system support their needs?
  • What issues do they typically care most about?

This article discusses who may need to be involved in determining the elements of your course quality management system.

Exploring Implementation
Two Key Structure Options

  • How do you want to manage evaluations?
  • Do you want a standard template for all to use?
  • Should instructors and department chairs be able to add targeted questions?
  • Who should collect, manage, and distribute results?
  • Are there surveys beyond course evaluations that you want to support (such as facility satisfaction surveys, voting on campus initiatives, peer evaluations)?

This article explores the power of a flexible system that supports your institution's organization and management style.

Under the Covers
Exploring the Technical Infrastructure

  • How can you distribute the work of managing an evaluation system?
  • What user roles best match your needs?
  • What IT involvement is needed?
  • Can you support multiple languages?
  • What if you need to customize the interaction?

This article discusses key ways in which Class Climate's automated enterprise approach to course evaluations delivers a robust infrastructure that's easy to support.

And the Survey Says…?
Developing and Delivering Questionnaires in Class Climate

  • Where are questionnaires stored in the system?
  • Can they be re-used?
  • How secure are the questionnaires and results?
  • What are my delivery options?
  • Is it easy to create questionnaires?
  • How can I use my institution's branding (such as logos or seals, colors, etc)?

This article discusses the flexibility of a system with secure, easy-to-create questionnaires that preserve student confidentiality and reflect your institution's brand. Develop a questionnaire once and deliver it multiple ways: mobile, online, and paper!