Convert LXR to ParSystem for online AND paper testing

Are you losing your LXR testing application? Scantron makes it easy to bring your existing LXR items into ParSystem and resume testing without a hitch. ParSystem supports online AND paper testing so you can provide the same flexible testing options you're used to using to help your students and employees succeed.

  • Create banks of items to reuse for consistent measures of student and employee achievement across courses.
  • Connect items to specific, critical licensure standards and produce reports on assessment results.
  • Deliver tests online, on paper, or both—all test results regardless of source are stored in a single database so your reports provide a complete picture.
  • Create test result, test statistics, and item analysis reports to measure course and assessment quality.

Already have a bank of LXR questions? No problem. Scantron's team of experts can export your items from your current test and import them into ParSystem so you're ready to test immediately.

Using a Learning Management System (LMS)? We have a solution to help you easily transfer scores from Par to your LMS gradebook.

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