ATD 2018

May 06 - May 09, 2018
San Diego, CA
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ATD ICE - Association for Talent Development International Conference & Expo 2018

Be sure to join us for our session:

The Tried, The Trendy, and the True:
Combining the past, the present, and the future in your training programs.
Tuesday, May 8, 1:00 - 2:00pm, Room 23B

Employee growth is beneficial for both employees and organizations, but it takes time and financial investment to offer truly impactful training opportunities. Designing the right training is only the first step. For programs to thrive, they must be aligned to employee needs, supportive of organizational goals, and they must provide a return on investment (ROI). How can a program meet all of these goals simultaneously?

 The answers lie in incorporating both best practices and innovative techniques in assessment and analytics to shape your program, evaluate results, and provide reporting that clearly demonstrates the measurable value of the training. Regardless of the specific tools used, incorporating the following activities can increase your program effectiveness and ongoing financial investment:

The Tried:  Understanding training data through analytics
The Trendy: Using predictive analytics to target your programs
The True:  Developing solid assessment to provide accurate training data

Sarah Mastrianni, Manager, Assessment Development, Scantron

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