For almost half a century, Scantron has helped education, commercial, and government organizations worldwide measure and improve effectiveness with assessment and survey solutions. We are best known for our pioneering and exceptional products and services that allow the rapid, accurate, and reliable capture of student performance data. Scantron is proud to serve 98 of the largest 100 school districts in the US, as well as 48 Ministries of Education throughout the world.

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The year was 1972. Skirts were short, hair was long, and disco was the latest music craze. Teachers were still usually grading tests by hand—but William E. Sanders decided there was a better way. He introduced the first Scantron scanner, based on a new technology called Optical Mark Recognition, and classroom testing has never been the same.

Not being the type to rest on our laurels, Scantron continues to innovate with leading assessment, survey, and analytics software solutions along with our expertise in world-class forms printing and scanner manufacturing.

We believe that assessment is more than just taking a test (although taking tests is important!)—we develop cutting edge solutions to measure knowledge, perceptions, and behavior so educators and business leaders can see a complete picture of achievement. And we believe that just having information isn't enough. You have to be able to do something with your results, so we provide market-leading analytics solutions (based on Qlik, the industry leader) so our clients can explore their data to see and act on connections and insights.

We continue to push the boundaries of technology-supported assessment. Scantron's K-12 districtwide assessment solution helps educators raise the level of student achievement through a combination of computer-adaptive diagnostic testing and standards-based interim assessment. Scantron's solution combines a research-based, content-rich computer adaptive test known as Performance Series® and a content-neutral, highly flexible assessment product known as Achievement Series® that educators use to develop and administer online and paper-based tests and receive immediate results.

Our assessment development experts and psychometricians are devoted to understanding and delivering the latest trends and requirements in assessment. From the latest laws to trending topics, we help our clients create and deliver the most accurate measures possible.

We weren't content to stop at serving K–12. We also provide assessment and course evaluation solutions for higher education, career and corporate training, and the government. Our innovative approach to behavior-based safety observation helps hundreds of companies ensure their high-risk workers go home safe every night. And if you've gone to the DMV, reported for jury duty, or updated health information at your doctor's office, you may well have used our forms to make sure your information was accurate and confidential.

Our sister company, Harland Technology Services, grew out of a desire to ensure every school, college, and company using Scantron scanners had access to local, easy service. From there, we branched into managed IT and printer services, a wide array of implementation services, and supplies for the printer and scanner do-it-yourself crowd. In fact, if you've seen a movie, gone to your bank or credit union, or used your company's network, you may have Harland Technology Services to thank.

Through the years, Scantron has become the iconic name in testing, inspiring unprepared students to groan in dismay, and busy teachers to sigh with relief. We are proud to serve 98% of the top US school districts, 56 countries, 48 Ministries of Education, and 94 of the top 100 US universities who have chosen Scantron’s solutions.

The Scantron Vision

To ignite achievement and growth worldwide with our expertise, technologies, and commitment to service.

The Scantron Mission

To empower growth through intelligent, mission-critical assessment, technology, and data capture solutions for business, education, and certification clients worldwide.